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Baby Crawling
Playing with Toys

Here at Practical Therapy our pediatric physical therapy team specializes in helping children from 0-5 years of age reach their developmental motor milestones to improve their participation in their daily lives. Our services incorporate parent involvement with each therapy session. We believe parent involvement is the foundation for helping a children build a better future. 

Delays in developmental motor milestones can include a child not rolling, crawling, walking, etc. These milestones are very important to a child's development. They are the building blocks to a better future. Other services we provide are listed below. If your child is exhibiting delays in any of these areas, or you are concerned they are not where they should be, give us a call to set up an appointment.

  • Developmental Delays

  • Infant Massage

  • Strengthening 

  • Balance and Coordination

  • Endurance and Activity Tolerance

  • Mobility and Gait Training

  • Taping

Pediatric Online Resources:

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